"Our record keeping solutions will substantially lower the administrative burden of compliance as well as ensure easier, efficient management of your Early Years Service."

Fully Automated Record Keeping Software

The Early Years Sector is a highly regulated industry and early years professionals are becoming very concerned that the heavy workload in terms in paperwork is taking them away from their primary aim which is to support the educational and developmental needs of children in their care.

Getting systems in order should be a "one-off" task and record keeping software makes that task much easier to perform and keep track of.

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ECCESoft A web based application available for a low cost monthly subscription. Includes a free module allowing services to maintain child/parent records in full compliance with Irish regulations. Also handles managing bookings/room registers, calculating fees due, staffing rotas, occupancy/room planning. Fully configured to handle ECCE Free Place and CCS and CETS subvention schemes.


Why Record Keeping?

Early Years services are required to maintain records according to the Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No 2) Regulations 2006, employment and health and safety legislation. This is on top of the requirements of Revenue and the funding authorities.

Common Pitfalls of Record Keeping
  • Incomplete records: not all the detail completed on the form
  • Children’s records with insufficient data included (e.g. undated or no immunisation records)
  • Undated or unsigned records
  • Records where full names of staff are not included; for example the names of witnesses on an accident and incident form use first names only
  • Initials being used on sleep and other records rather than staff full names
  • Records being very disorganised with no system of consistent filing in place
  • Records not held securely under data protection regulations