Having a solid financial operational foundation is needed to run a childcare business successfully. You need to ensure you can meet your costs and adapt to varying conditions such as the economic climate, changes to regulation, demographic profile or changes to funding schemes.

Sustainability means being able to keep a service or facility functioning for the longā€term.
  • Can your service continue?
  • Will it survive into the future?
  • How does it respond to changes in its operating environment?
  • Has demand changed?

Canavan Byrne can help your Childcare Business

  • Sustainability - Ensuring a Sustainable Service
  • Preparing your budget
  • Calculating your costs
  • Calculating your FTE
  • Contingency costs
  • Financial forecasting and projections
  • Doing a cash flow - managing your finances
  • Monitoring and tracking spending - credit control
  • Managing/dealing with debts - managing fees/fee policies
  • Funding schemes - changes in funding rates ECCE and CETS