Employment Contracts

Canavan Byrne will develop your Employment Contracts to fit your childcare business. We understand the nuances of the Early Years sector. Call us now on (+353) 1-623-5908.

An Employment Contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee. There are many advantages to having a comprehensive Contract of Employment beyond the basic written terms required under law. A contract gives both you and your employee certain rights and obligations. It will ensure that you are fully compliant with legislation and will protect your business from exposure. A Contract of Employment gives clarity regarding roles and responsibilities and is a valuable document at times of workplace conflict or dispute. Most importantly a written Contract will clarify and outline the relationship between employee and employer to prevent any misunderstandings.

Contract of Employment - Self Assessment

Download Self Assessment for Employment Contracts [PDF 138.47 KB]

This self-assessment questionnaire has been designed so that you can evaluate the strength of your Contract of Employment both from a legal and good practice perspective and to highlight areas that you should consider for inclusion.

We recommend that you seek advice to ensure your contract will meet legal requirements and protect your business. Questions 1 – 28 relate to what you must have included in your Contract to be legally compliant or to ensure you do not fall foul of employment law. Questions 29 onwards are recommended as good practice.

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