A Nature Walk

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A great way to enhance Children's appreciation of the outdoor environment
When walking with children ask them to tell you what they're seeing, hearing, and smelling.
Encourage them to touch – to discover the smoothness of a rock, the roughness of bark, and the fragility of a dried leaf. For young children, these are science experiences.
Set up an obstacle course with old tires, large appliance boxes, and tree stumps. Moving through it will teach important concepts like over, under, through, and around.
A "listening" walk makes for a wonderful sound discrimination activity. As you walk with the children, point out the sounds of birds, passing cars, whistling wind, even your footsteps. What sounds can the children identify on their own? Which are loud and which are soft? Which are high and which are low? What are their favourite sounds? Bring along a recording device so the children can try to identify the sounds at a later time!
Bring the parachute or an old sheet outside and play parachute games (shaking it, circling with it, making waves with it, or bouncing foam balls on it).
Bring a portable box outdoors and let the children experience the joy of dancing in a natural environment!
Try "water painting," in which children paint the side of a building with a brush and a bucket of water. It exercises arms and upper torso while also teaching about wet and dry, light and dark, and evaporation.
Chasing bubbles gives children a chance to run and most importantly have fun!!!