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In preparation for interviewing candidates the following tips may be helpful:

1. Ensure you have a range of questions prepared. Use your job description.
2. Questions should be linked to the following areas to enable you to ascertain the level of knowledge, competency, and skill of the candidate.
3. Ask questions that allow the candidate to show their experience for example:
a. Can you outline what a typical curriculum for two year olds might look like?
b. Can you tell us what you might include in a typical observation for a child in this age group?
c. How do you integrate Aistear into your curriculum and observations?
d. Other areas for questions could include:
i. Health & Safety
ii. Working with Parents
iii. Working as part of a Team
iv. Child Protection
v. Policies and Procedures
vi. Other areas of question as relevant to your service for example if you HighScope you may have specific questions.
e. Hypothetical question can be asked of candidates and these type of questions are also helpful when candidates may not have a lot of experience.
i. What would you do if ........ you can have a number of scenarios prepared.
f. Personal awareness questions can include:
i. What do you think your strengths are in working with children?
ii. What training have you undertaken recently with regard to your continuous professional development?
iii. What do you think are the most important factors in being part of a team?
iv. What would you expect as part of the induction into the service if you were successful?
4. Compile a score sheet based on the areas of questions so that you can score the candidate.
a. Each interviewer should complete a score sheet for each candidate.
5. Score sheet scores should be added at the end and the candidate with the highest score should be offered the position.
6. Put the candidate at ease – some general conversation such as did you find the service easily? Where the directions helpful?
7. Introduce the interview panel.
8. Outline the process of the interview who will be asking questions, observing, taking notes.
9. Confirm they will have the opportunity to ask questions also.
10. If you are well prepared this will allow the interview to run smoothly and give you the best opportunity to ensure you select the best candidate for the job.
11. Remember the offer of the position must be subject to:
a. Satisfactory references – which must be validated.
b. Satisfactory Garda Vetting and International police check if required.
c. Qualifications must be checked and certified.