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We recommend that you stay on top of compliance and risk management by doing daily risk checks and a monthly operational audit. It can be difficult to find the time to do the monthly audits, but it really pays off. We notice that so many services are being asked, following their Tusla inspection, to do the audit monthly and submit to Tusla for 3 months so it becomes habitual. To assist these clients, we developed a monthly audit tool which self-assesses all aspects of operations from general health and safety to medicine administration and governance. We suggest you don’t wait to be inspected and you start the process now. Clients who carry out audits generally do better in inspection and most importantly provide a high standard of care and education to children. When carrying out an audit it is really important to be honest with yourself and identify any weaknesses and gaps and then address them to improve the audit scores. It should not become a “tick-box exercise”
The monthly audit is part of our risk assessment pack which contains the following
• Access and Egress
• Biological Agents
• Electricity
• Fire Safety
• Housekeeping and Maintenance
• Indoor Environment
• Outdoor Environment
• Office

• Accident & Incident Reporting
• Administration of Medication
• Burns and Scalds
• Employee Stress
• Fall from Height
• Food Safety
• General Child Safety and Welfare
• Healthy eating
• Infection control
• Missing child
• Sleep

The risk assessment pack is available from our shop