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September is often one of the busiest times for early years services. It is also a good time to have a staff meeting to ensure that all the staff are working together and have a clear understanding of what your expectations are of them as employees. Some of the following tips might be helpful for structuring a staff meeting,
1.Remind employees of their job description. A job description should clearly outline the employees job role, responsibilities and accountability in their role

2.What are the expectations of the staff team. Clearly outline your standards, how you expect your employees to engage with the children the parents and each other. Remind people about timekeeping and breaks

3.Health & Safety – always have this item on your staff meeting agenda. Don’t forget to do risk assessments and the regular checklists. Point out that the checklists are for ‘checking’ not just ‘ticking’!

4.Other areas that you may wish to discuss should also be on the agenda.

Ask your employees for their contribution to the agenda for the staff meeting prior to the meeting.

Make sure that everyone contributes to the meeting. Ensure that you record the meeting, make notes, circulate a copy to everyone and keep an attendance sheet. You might consider having a staff meeting book. Everything can be written up in the book and sign can sign in as they attend the meeting. Photocopy the notes and circulate them or type them up and put on the email to staff. Put in a specific place so you have to produce to Tusla for the inspection visit.