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The Regulations are the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) (Registration of School Age Services) Regulations 2018.

The regulations come in to operation on the 18th February. The regulations do not apply to school age services in drop-in centres or temporary school age services.

  • The Register will be available on-line.
  • New services will be required to give 3 months of notice of set up and complete an application (Schedule 2 of regulations).
  • New services cannot open prior to being assessed by TUSLA.
  • Existing Services (already registered for providing preschool) are required to register within 6 months of the above commencement date using the application form (schedule 2 of the regulations).
  • Existing Services (not already registered) are required to register within 3 months of the commencement date above.
  • The ratio is set at 1 adult : 12 children.
  • All employees, unpaid workers and contractors must be garda vetted.
  • Where practicable employees, unpaid workers and contractors must have police vetting if they lived outside the state for periods of more than 6 months.
  • The provider must have 2 references and references are also required for all other employees, unpaid workers and contractors.
  • Single handed providers must have access to a second person who is familiar with the service in event of emergency.
  • The service must be adequately insured.
  • Services must have daily access to an outdoor space.
  • Services will be required to have 7 (seven) mandatory policies under these regulations but in addition a Child Safeguarding Statement (Children First 2015) and a Safety Statement (Safety, Health and Welfare at work Act 2005.

The mandatory policies are:

  • Complaints
  • Administration of Medication
  • Infection Control
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Dropping off and Collection of children
  • Statement of Purpose and Function
  • Fire safety

The following documentation should be submitted with the application (Schedule 2):

  • Vetting
  • Garda vetting/Police vetting for proposed registered provider
  • Garda vetting/Police vetting for the "second person" referred to in Regulation 9(3)
  • Garda vetting/Police vetting for persons over the age of 18 normally present in the house during times when the service is operating


  • Two references in respect of the proposed registered provider
  • Proof of Identity - Proof of identity of the proposed registered provider (copy of passport or driving licence or Public Service Card are the only acceptable documents)
  • Insurance
  • Copy of the Certificate of Insurance or written confirmation of insurance cover


  • Statement of Purpose and Function
  • Copy of Child Safeguarding Statement
  • Copy of Policy on Managing Behaviour
  • Copy of Policy on Administration of Medication
  • Copy of Policy on Infection Control
  • Copy of policy on the Dropping Off and Collection of Children
  • Application Fee Due

If you require any help with developing these policies please contact us on 016235908 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.