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Knowledge and Wisdom are not the same thing!

Working within the Early Years sector, no two days are ever the same! The more we learn the more, humble we become. Understanding the dynamics of the sector, we keep challenging ourselves by, remaining open to all that we can learn from each other and the children and families in our care. Both knowledge and wisdom are important, keeping a breast of the most recent studies and findings helps us to discern which aspects best fit our services unique ethos and mission statement and best support the families which we work with each year. This allows the experienced practitioner to trust their own judgement and apply different approaches to unique situations.

Don’t give more than you can afford to loose
In order to stay healthy and productive you have to look after yourself first. Practicing self-care is essential to maintain a positive approach to children’s lives daily. This will be different for individual practitioners. The increasing work load in the sector can take its toll. ‘Your health is your wealth’. Do what makes you happy, simplify and recapture the sheer joy of working with children, with the wisdom that’s what really matters.

You never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.
How many times at the end of the year, do we look back at photographs, memory books and the children themselves and realise just how far each child has come. The important thing is that we ensure we are truly present with the children in those moments. It’s good to keep in mind that the positive interactions and caring approach which we apply to our daily work are what help to shape secure emotional attachments and the child’s ability to become a lifelong learner.

It’s never too late to start again.
Don’t be afraid of change. If an approach isn’t working in the classroom then try something new. Use your observational and research skills to make positive changes within the environment, try a different approach to cater to varying learning styles, be innovative and don’t be afraid of getting it wrong. Once the needs and happiness of the children are at the core of everything you do, then everyone will be a winner. Engage with your local County Childcare Committee, Better Start mentors and colleagues to discuss possible ideas. Look on challenges as an opportunity for learning.

We have a pivotal role to play in the life of so many children and families and these are the things which keep us going on the toughest of days. Enjoy the knowledge that your work makes a difference and let that being you joy.