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Some managers may find it challenging to deal with an employee who is not performing to the required standard, so as manager, the first step should perhaps be a focus on changing how the employee is dealt with. It is crucial to set clear standards around communication; ensure the employee knows what is required of them, take time to go through the job description, their role and if part of a team what is required at all levels. This should include job requirements, job standards and expected outcomes at both individual and team level, if that is a requirement.

Giving clear constructive feedback, be precise, don’t ramble, and be again very clear about what you expect as an outcome and give timeframes. Be supportive and if you can provide support [can be through you as Manager or perhaps other team members]. Put a performance management plan in place and set clear timeframes and regular check-ins during that time-frame. Document and record and get employee [and/or the team] to ‘sign off’. This ensures both the individual employee and/or team are clear about what is required at all levels. It also sets the scene clearly that if improvements are not made where the non-performance may revert then to a more formal process through the workplace policies and procedures.