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We hope you all are looking forward to the August Bank Holiday despite the weather taking a bit of a change. Once again we have had numerous queries regarding the payment of public holidays. So here are the rules. In respect of each public holiday , an employee is entitled to either:
a. a paid day off on the holiday or
b. a paid day off within a month or
c. An extra day's annual leave or
d. An extra day's pay as the employer may decide

If the public holiday falls on a day on which the employee normally works , the employee is entitled to a paid day off from work. If the public holiday falls on a day which the employee does not normally work, the employee is entitles to one fifth of his/her normal weekly wage for the day or to either (b) or (c) above as the employer may decide. If the employee is asked to work on a public holiday, the employee is entitled to (b), (c) or (d) above.

Part-time employees qualify for public holiday entitlement provided they have worked at least 40 hours during 5 weeks ending on the day of the public holiday.
Employees on maternity leave maintain their entitlement to public holidays for the duration of their absence.