Activate your Inner Playfulness! Public Training €50

Dramatic Play

This practical workshop will provide you with techniques to enhance the creative quality of play through storytelling, drama, fantasy, music, puppetry and creative games.

Course Tutor

Sarah FitzGibbon is a freelance educational drama practitioner and theatre maker. She has worked with The Abbey Theatre’s Education Dept. crafting their schools educational programmes since 2012. She has developed The Abbey Theatre's Theatre Making and Citizenship Programme and their Priming the Canon Programme. Sarah and her collaborator Joanna Parkes have written two supports for teachers wishing to deliver a drama curriculum, Step by Step Educational Drama (2006) and Step by Step Together (2009). She also developed a drama resources for youth workers Drama Spaces ( 2004) for the Arts programme in NYCI. Sarah has conducted educational drama and arts engagement training in a number of colleges and universities across Ireland. As a theatre artist, Sarah has written, devised and directed several theatre productions including several plays for early years with Graffiti, Team, Replay and Puca Puppets. Recently, she has developed a series of support videos for the Irish Drama Curriculum as part of a partnership between RTE and The Abbey Theatre.

Course Contents

In a very practical session, educational drama practitioner and theatre maker Sarah FitzGibbon will:

  • Introduce you to a range of techniques that can be used in the Early Years environment to enhance your storytelling ability, engagement in dramatic, fantasy play and creative games
  • Look at how music, puppetry, animation and drama techniques can be used to enhance the creative quality of play engagement
  • Explore methods used to document the child's creative engagement within the Early Years care environment
  • Help you unleash your own creativity and ability creatively engage with the children in your care

The session will include:

  1. Introductions and a playful warm up using drama games and exercises
  2. Breathe - an introduction to puppet play and animation using basic resources
  3. Music - the act of sound creation and reception within active storytelling
  4. The plans, schemes and ideas – creative responses including documentation

You will leave with a number of session plans, schemes and ideas specific to your creative talents and working environment, as well as some other practical session notes.

Course Duration and Delivery

Inservice Training Public Training This is a 3h course when delivered as Inservice Training or Public Training Event.

Participants are requested to wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes and to bring a toy/item that was special to them growing up.