Heuristic Play and Treasure Baskets

Heuristic Play

Children are naturally curious and will actively explore their environment. This workshop introduces the idea of Heuristic play.

All children learn through play, however, play is especially important for children under 2 years. Under the age of two this age, children learn through their senses. Babies learn through sensory development through handling objects, and putting them into their mouth. Toddlers have an urge to handle things: to gather, fill, dump, stack, knock down, select and manipulate in other ways.

The idea of Heuristic play is to plan and prepare the environment with real objects to extend the child’s learning. Through the use of treasure baskets, early years practitioners will explore the importance of accessibility and availability of real objects.

The workshop covers:
  1. Heuristic play
  2. Treasure baskets
  3. Planning the environment
  4. Practical ideas for Childcare Practitioners
  5. Extending learning

3 hour workshop