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Canavan Byrne gives you access to a training service with over 20 years experience in the childcare sector, training that is relevant, practical, focused and gives you real value for money.

All our training courses are designed to take account of the very latest good practice standards in the Early Years childcare sector.

All Online courses and Public Training Events can be booked directly on this website. You can also call us on (+353)1-620-9110 for company training delivered onsite and tailored to your requirements.

Effective Staff Supervision & Appraisal

Supervision and Appraisal Workshop

This workshop defines the structure and procedure for staff supervision, appraisal, evaluation, motivation and development.

Build Your Team to Success!

team building workshop

We can provide tailor made Team Building workshops delivered to your team's workplace, or off-site with other groups.

Create or update the Staff Handbook

employee handbook workshop

This workshop will help you quickly create/update the Employee Handbook with appropriate HR policies and procedures.

Are you ready for a visit?

WRC Training Workshop

This workshop gives employers the confidence and knowledge to deal effectively with a Workplace (WRC) Inspection.

Learn to be Assertive!

assertiveness training workshop

This is a very practical but challenging workshop teaching you to stand up for your rights while respecting the rights of others.

Prepare for Handling a PR Crisis

Handling PR Crisis

This seminar looks at how an organisation should prepare for a crisis using the principles of AHAA!

Just bring your laptop!

Marketing with Facebook

During this workshop you will set up a Facebook business page and learn how to promote your EY business.

PR Tips for Early Years Providers

PR Planning for Early Years providers

Having a Public Relations plan is essential to attract new customers and to build on your positive image

Presentations and Public Speaking

public speaking workshop

This workshop provides takes the panic out of public speaking and giving presentations with insightful tips and preparation techniques.

Understand Accounting for a Childcare Business

Understanding Accounts

This workshop provides an overview of company accounts, payroll, Pobal returns and fee structures.

Running a business in the Recession

Running ECCE Business

This workshop provides practical advice on costs, budgeting and running an ECCE business during the recession.

Marketing your Childcare Business

Marketing Childcare Business

This workshop provides practical tips on marketing your childcare business to prospective clients.